Acupuncture, a Chinese Medicine, is an energetic medicine that works with the body’s renewable and nonrenewable forms of qi to regulate the internal systems and restore balance within the body’s own healing capabilities. It focuses on the potential health of the mind and body – as one – and examines the relationship between internal and external forces. Acupuncture incorporates moxibustion, exercise, massage, nutrition and lifestyle changes to aid in the overall wellbeing of each patient.

Acupuncture works by harmonizing the relationships between the channels and the different systems in the body and establishes a better overall health of body and mind.

The eastern practice of Chinese Medicine dates back over 3000 years but is still a relatively new concept in our Western culture and it is only natural to have questions. Our website has been designed to answer some of your questions and to provide you with helpful information and in no way is this meant to be a substitute for personal care and attention.

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