What to Expect

My Initial visit: Prior to your appointment, you will receive a health intake form to complete and bring with you for your initial visit. During your appointment, we will review your intake and ascertain if there is additional information that may be beneficial for your treatments. Your acupuncturist will then apply the common Chinese medicine diagnostics of pulse taking on both wrists, observe the quality and color of your tongue, examine your complexion, hair and nails, listen to the quality of your voice and palpate the tender points on your body. These are all used to arrive at a proper diagnosis and treatment plan, after which, you will receive your first
acupuncture treatment. Please allow up to 1 ½ hours for your initial visit.

My Follow Up Visits: We will talk about your health and wellbeing and discuss how you are progressing with your treatments. Each visit, your acupuncturist will take your pulses and observe the quality and color of your tongue, making any necessary changes to your treatment plan and begin your treatments. Please allow 1 hour for your follow up visits.

Treatment Plan: This is different for each individual, depending on the conditions present, the length of time it has been problematic, other vulnerabilities in the body and how long it takes for the shift in the body to occur. Treatments are usually scheduled twice per week for the first few weeks and then once per week thereafter. Usually, between 6-10 treatments is when patients start noticing the benefits of their treatments, however, it can take a month or longer for some. When positive changes begin to take hold in the body, the scheduled treatments then get further apart and eventually become an as needed or seasonal tuning up.

Feeling Better: Commitment, patience, state of mind and life style changes are crucial when receiving acupuncture. The shifts and changes that occur in the body, as health is being restored, are subtle and gradual. It is a gentle accumulative effect that over time will bring long term harmony and balance within the body.