In 2014 I hurt my sciatic nerve all the way down to my left foot. Went to two different chiropractors (10 weeks each) and a 12 week session with physical therapy. Still had the pain and could not do anything. My family doctor prescribed pills to relax the nerve, but it did not work. I found Michelle Zane on line and went to her, in less than a month, I was pain free. Besides the acupuncture treatments, she first messages the muscles, than she works the needles and then puts a heat lamp on the area. After the treatment, I am so relaxed that you could pour me in a bottle. I have been to an acupuncturist in another state a few years ago for a neck and shoulder problem and that was completely solved. Acupuncture is a non-invasive technique that totally works. I recommend Michelle Zane to anyone that has a pain problem she is so caring and gentle, she is the BEST.

I saw Michelle for stress and infertility. Nothing was wrong as far as we knew but we were trying for our 2nd child for 10 months with no luck. I saw Michelle once a week for a month and conceived that very month and now have my 2nd healthy baby girl! My body also felt much more relaxed. I’m convinced the acupuncture worked and will come see Michelle for any future problems! She was absolutely wonderful!

After having numerous medical problems resulting from a severe TBI. I had gotten to a point where I didn’t want anymore medicines and the therapy wasn’t showing outcomes. Finally someone suggested this acupuncture to me and at that point I was willing to try anything regardless of me being deathly afraid of needles. Michelle is absolutely great! She worked slowly with me to get me comfortable with the needles at first and I have seen more positive results from this treatment than ANYTHING I tried for two years straight with the doctors. It’s an amazing type of medicine and has helped me in so many tremendous ways and Michelle doesn’t give up on me and truly cares and has a love for what she does!

I have been seeing Michelle for my head tremors. I am on my 4th visit & been feeling a whole lot better. My tremors have calmed down and I’m feeling much more relaxed after each session. She is very nice, caring, & very knowledgeable regarding her practice. I recommend Michelle very highly.

I had a hip rotator injury that took me out of training for a marathon. I could not bend my leg, had issues just bending over, and even walking. Michelle gave me acupuncture, electro stimulation, deep tissue massage, infrared treatments, and had me on supplements to help with recovery. She was wonderful. Has me back to running again. I would definitely recommend Michelle and she is my go to NOW!

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